by @dminStrippers
July 6, 2022

Hiring Private Strippers for a Scottsdale Pool Party? What You Should Know…

If you’re hosting a Scottsdale pool party, you’re probably wondering how you can make it a memorable experience for everyone that attends. The truth is that hiring strippers can ensure that everyone loosens up and has some fun.

However, you may not know what to expect if you’ve never hired private strippers in Scottsdale AZ before, so here are a few pointers to help you out.

Why Hire Strippers for Pool Parties?

Most people associate strippers with strip clubs or bachelor parties, but they can also provide entertainment and eye candy at a pool party. From stripper games to sunscreen applications, there’s so much that strippers can do to make your pool party more enjoyable.

Give your guests VIP treatment with sunscreen application or offer them topless drink services. Whatever you choose, we have a pool party package to suit your budget and requirements!

Where Do You Plan to Host the Party?

When planning a pool party in Scottsdale, it isn’t wise to just hire strippers and expect them to make do with the space you have. Instead, you will need to plan what entertainment they will provide and ensure that there is adequate space for them to provide this entertainment.

Think about the space you have set aside for the Scottsdale pool party. Does it:

  • Have enough room for the stripper to perform?
  • Include enough privacy to ensure that your guests can let loose and enjoy the adult entertainment?
  • Have enough refreshments and food for the guests and the performers?

    Moreover, if you’re hiring a private venue, you will need to confirm that it allows adult entertainment to prevent any embarrassment during the pool party.

    What Entertainment Can You and Your Guests Expect?

    Suppose you’ve never hired private strippers before. In that case, you’ll need to know what entertainment to expect. At Scottsdale Entertainers, we offer the following:

    Personal Dances

    Guests can enjoy one-on-one dances from one of our attractive entertainers if you have a private room at the pool party.

    Sunscreen Application

    Give your guests the royal treatment with sensual sunscreen application services from one of our professional Scottsdale strippers.

    Body Shots

    You can let your guests consume their alcohol in a unique way by enjoying a body shot! Body shots are essentially shots of an alcoholic beverage taken from the stomach or chest of another person.

Topless Drink Service

Treat your guests to an unexpected drink served by one of our topless professional strippers!

Stripper Games

Get your guests involved in the fun by planning a few stripper games. You can turn any favorite into a stripper game, including strip poker, nude twister, trivial pursuit, and more!

Contact Us Today to Book Your Scottsdale Pool Party Strippers!

At Scottsdale Entertainment, we offer exclusive, professional entertainment for pool parties, big and small. When you hire our strippers, you get:

  • The choice between several exotic packages
  • Affordable services
  • Several ways to host a memorable party
  • The assurance of good entertainment thanks to over 10,000 satisfied customers

    We recommend a lead time of three days, but can also cater to last-minute requests, so give us a call today to find out more about our Scottsdale pool party packages!