Private Party Strippers


Definition: Entertainers who specialize in providing striptease performances exclusively for private events or parties.


(n):” Private party strippers added excitement to the bachelor party in Scottsdale.”


(adj): “We are ready to hire private party strippers for the bachelor party this weekend.”

What to know before hiring a stripper

Picture Fake: Don't Be Fooled by Misleading Images

In the world of strippers, it’s not uncommon to come across deceptive photos. When an agency provides only one photo or if the images appear unrealistically flawless that should raise red flags.

If you’re uncertain, don’t hesitate to request a short video or an additional photo. You can also ask the potential entertainer to perform a specific action to verify their authenticity.

Please note that this isn’t the time to ask for NSFW content; it’s simply a way to confirm the legitimacy of the company or entertainer.

Navigating Tipping Expectations: Straying from the Standard 20% Rule

Tipping entertainers typically doesn’t adhere to the standard 20% guideline.

To determine the number of entertainers you should book, use the average of the tipping range as a guide:

Number of Entertainers = (Budget/Range Average)

This approach ensures that you can enjoy the entertainment while staying within your budget.

Private Entertainment Benefits


Girls arrive at your door. Bringing the strip club to you.


What happens at the house. Stays at the house. SE respects the privacy of all of our clients.

Private Party Cost

In Scottsdale, Az having ladies over to your house starts at $150plus tipping. Its best practice to be prepared to tip a minimum of $300 per dancer with an average of $700-$1000 per dancer.