Scottsdale Pool Party Strippers

Bachelor Parties' #1 Choice for Topless Pool Party Strippers in Scottsdale!

Hottest Pool Party Strippers

Plan ahead or wake up with the Great  idea of having Strippers over. We can help.  

Best Scottsdale Pool Party

Turn your backyard into a day club with Topless Babes Poolside 

Scottsdale Pool PArty Stripper SERVICE

Grabbing drinks, offering body shots, applying sunscreen, and, of course, offering poolside lap dances.

Cost: $300 per hour per pool party stripper

Duration: 1hour

Suggested tip minimum  per Pool Party Stripper  $300


Common Questions

Is it necessary to reserve a pool party in order for the girls to enjoy the pool area?

Yes, for guaranteed time by the pool, its best to book the Strippers for a pool party

Can we book the girls for Maya pool party?

Regrettably, our girls are exclusively available for private pool parties.