Scottsdale Stripper Golf Caddies

Strippers undercover as golf caddies. Enjoy nice butts while you sink putts!

Why hire a stripper golf caddie?

Indulge in sizzling female companionship while enjoying a day out on one of Scottsdale's nearly 200 golf courses. We push the limits, offering naughty distractions, body shots, and even driving the cart. Having an undercover stripper join you for a day of golf in Scottsdale is the only way to play.

Q: What do the golf caddie's wear on the golf course?

A: We make sure to wear appropriate attire to follow the golf courses dress code.

Q: Are the caddies professionally trained?

A: We are pros at having fun and being sexy. We have general knowledge of the game and can help count strokes and with wood selection.

Transparent Entertainment: No Surprises, Just Exceptional Service

Booking process

Contact Us: You can reach out to us via your preferred method of communication, whether it's a phone call, text message, or email.

Service Selection: You decide which service you would like, whether it's an all-inclusive package or a standard service with options to upgrade during your party.

Choose Entertainers: You get to pick from a line up a fun beautiful pros.

Tipping & Payments

Cost: $1400 two female golf caddies

Deposit: To reserve the entertainers, a small deposit is required.

Booking Fee: Upon arrival the balance will be due.

Tip requirements: Minimum of $300 per golf caddie


Standard Duration: 18 holes

Extended Time: The booking fee covers up to 5 Hours on the green. Request a quote for additional time.


Confidentiality: your details and event specifics are kept confidential and only shared with necessary personnel involved in planning and executing the event.

Flexibility and Adjustments

Adjustments: If at any time arrangements need to be changed, we work with you to adjust the details to your new preferences.

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