Sexy Stripper Golf Caddies

$1400 plus tipping two girls 

Girls drive the carts, can keep score, and offer ball washing for that perfect drive! Body shots, flashing naughty distractions, and golf cart lap dances are typical on the course with our caddies. 

Keep in mind some golf courses are more busy than others and strict. The girls always do their best to be as naughty as possibly. 

Full round not to exceed 5 hours.

Additional girls are available at $300 per girl

Common Questions, if you need additional help please contact us

Are Strippers real Golf Caddies?

Most of our girls have no formal knowledge of Golf however they know a few things about the game.

The golf course has a strict dress code. Is this a concern?

The ladies arrive dressed in clothing suitable for the golf course.

How much should we plan to tip the girls?